Quality Management System Modules

Working seamlessly together, Activ’s suite of modules will help you to organise, control and implement all the necessary areas of your QMS. Choose your own configuration and streamline key compliance processes including tracking corrective and preventive actions, auditing compliance with ISO standards, supplier evaluation, document management and control – and much more.

Available Modules

Activ is both affordable and scalable, as you only pay for what you need.  Start with any of the modules below and add more at a later date.

File Manager

Stay in control of document reviews and securely organise quality management system documentation and records, including version and access control.

Improvement Log

Record and track corrective and preventive actions with ease. Monitor nonconformities and customer complaints. Assign responsibilities and measure effectiveness.

Customers and Suppliers

Streamline your supplier evaluation and compliance monitoring processes using electronic forms. Create automated customer feedback and supplier performance reports.


Demonstrate how your quality management system works using structured procedures, schedule and monitor reviews and automatically capture version history.

Audit Manager

Ensure consistent audit practices across your organisation backed with powerful analysis tools. Build audit schedules and monitor observations and nonconformities.

Asset Manager

Build your equipment calibration and maintenance schedule and provide easy access to equipment manuals, permits and risk assessments.

Agreements Manager

Centralise your contracts database and codes of practice. Monitor risk and demonstrate compliance with contractual obligations using built-in audit tools.

Human Resources

Manage employee records, performance appraisals and training requirements with automatic reminders. Build induction checklists and centralize training records.


Deliver effective information access and reduce security risks with Activ Teams. Control which information users have access to and compare team, site and department performance.

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