The Office for Product Safety and Standards – OPSS – call for data

The Office for Product Safety and Standards – OPSS have issued a ‘Call for Data’ on the safety of six cosmetic ingredients to investigate any suspected endocrine disruption.
The ingredients of interest are:
  • Propylparaben CAS: 94-13-3
  • Resorcinol CAS: 108-46-3
  • Benzophenone CAS: 119-61-9
  • Benzyl Salicylate CAS: 118-58-1
  • Genistein CAS: 446-72-0
  • Daidzein CAS: 486-66-8

The invitation to submit any scientific information relevant to the safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients in the list above. The data to be submitted shall relate to all physicochemical properties, toxicokinetic and toxicological endpoints and assessment of exposure through consumer products. It is important that each individual ingredient must be provided as a separate submission.
The deadline for submission is stated as 30th September 2022. NB: a request has been submitted to extend this deadline.